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Being a staple in Edmonton for almost as long as Sorrentino’s has been serving pasta — since 1980 — the Garlic Festival doesn’t just spread the ‘amore’ for garlic, it focuses on raising funds for local charities in need. Events like the Big Garlic Night, theme cooking classes & contests, and the Big Garlic STOMP make fundraising an important part of the vision for Garlic Festival — and no doubt a large part of its great success over the years.

It’s a month-long celebration of food, friends and garlic to warm the winter months in YEG together while raising awareness — and funds — for great local charities.

The scale and grandeur of the festival vary from year to year but one thing is consistent — the themes are meant to be fun, lighthearted, and not take themselves too seriously. Communicating a smell — generally needing to be experienced — into a visual medium can be challenging, but can often yield cheeky results when pushed far enough. For this year’s theme, we featured a series of offenders with the worst breath imaginable who over-indulged at our previous year’s festival. The odour was so intoxicating during their mugshots that we were forced to ‘censor’ the smell for the wellbeing of the public at large. You’re welcome.

Garlic Fest requires such a large amount of deliverable materials every year — both print & digital — that it would feel redundant to showcase everything here. Billboards of various sizes and orientations, menus for multiple locations, sponsorship packages, t-shirts, aprons, numerous invitations for different events, media kits, posters, programs, social media graphics, website updates, newsletters, promo screens, product labels, and name tags — the list seems to go on and on.

This vast amount of deliverables would not be achievable by us without the diligence, foresight, and support of one of the longest-running and most beloved restaurant groups in the greater Edmonton area.