Therapy Vineyards | Inn

Limited Edition Therapy Labels

a little ego or a freudian sip

Therapy wanted to acknowledge the changes and challenges of the pandemic by designing Limited Edition labels and posters for fresh vintages of their popular blended wines — Ego and Sip. We center on the average person and shine a light on the thoughts and feelings racing through their minds and frame them inside a crystal ball alluding to the uncertainty of what the future holds. Key pandemic dates and wine details place these limited edition designs at a turning point in history and help us remember that whatever the future brings, we wouldn’t have gotten there without all those on the front line keeping the world turning.

design packaging

Century Hospitality Group

20th Anniversary Campaign

flip the script

Century Hospitality Group have been leaders of their industry in the greater Edmonton area for over 20 years. They pride themselves on fanatical guest service and offering a luxury dining experience that is creative and unexpected – often wowing their guests with a fresh approach to hospitality.

advertising design

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

2020 Impact Report & Honour Roll

the giving tree

Raising funds to make a difference is an art form, and those we work with at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation are masters on par with Rembrandt and Goya. They understand that it’s not only about raising critical funds for state-of-the-art new machines or funding innovative research — it’s also about the people behind the donations that make it all possible, their donors.

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XIX Kitchen & Lounge

Branding Ad Series

Great Food Can Still Be Fun Food

Nineteen (XIX) faced a problem of being too good for THEIR own good. The quality of service, textural quality of the restaurant interior, and the calibre of dishes they served made it intimidating for the casual diner. We developed a concept that took their elevated cuisine and churned them into items that were less precious, more approachable, and just plain fun.

The models’ expressions convey the happiness and almost playful nature of a child enjoying their favourite treat.

advertising design

Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation

Foundation Annual Reports

raising awareness & support

The Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation provides life-changing philanthropic support for all medical excellence centres within the Royal Alexandra Hospital. The Royal Alex is home to the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, the CK Hui Heart Centre, and the Eye Institute of Alberta — each of these centres of excellence house many devoted doctors, nurses, frontline staff, and administrators doing vital work to ensure we as a community have the medical support we need. These areas of care denote a natural section structure for the reports which allow each department’s statistics, financials, and most importantly, success stories to shine.

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our culture

ANVL is based on the idea that everyone is creative in one way or another. It’s a person’s unique experiences and perspective that make the ideas they have so valuable. We believe that if there is no vulnerability in what we make, then there is no creativity. This is the concept behind ‘brave creative’ – it’s not just about brave clients or bold ideas, it’s about embracing what makes us different and putting ourselves out there to create something new.

Jordan Braz
Principal +
Creative Director
Nick Di Lullo
Partner +
Content Director
Maria B
Partner +
Account Director
Jordan Rioux
Designer +
Aira Ribudal
Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy

what works for us. and you.

The ‘not so’ secret sauce is that this is not about us – it’s about you. So before we get to the fun creative bits, we need to learn and observe everything we can about you, you’re business, the industry you’re in, and your customers. To do that – we have a tried, tested, and true process that guides us through every project. While it may vary based on the type of project we are working on together, the core tends to remain a constant.

Here we take a deep dive into your, data, products and services, and your world. We relish in learning about an industry and asking our favourite question, “why?”
We look at what we have learned, apply our expertise and thinking, then tease out – the little ideas, the patterns of nuance, and the hardened gems of truth. A plan is formed for how to position the brand or business.
Remember what we said – it's all about you. No one knows your business better. That’s why you’re along for the ride every step of the way. You have input at every stage while everything is discussed, refined, reduced, and finalized.
Time to make something from those gems we found. Guided by what we found in discovery, the map we drew in strategy – and our conversations with you – we fashion those raw ideas into true concepts that will make your brand, website, campaign.
Just because the fun is done doesn’t mean the work stops. Now that the project is live, we need to watch carefully and measure the results. We make any minor tweaks or adjustments to the brand and its assets to ensure that it performs optimally in the cruellest crucible of all – the real world.